VDA Desarrollo inmobiliario is a company that has dedicated itself to develop multiple projects principally aimed at the Housing and Hotel sector.

VDA started in 2003 with an emphasis on the development of housing projects, specifically condominiums of houses and apartment blocks. The quality of our work led us to extend our business to the hotel field. We developed and built two big hotels for the prestigious Radisson chain.

We now have a wide experience in the development of projects that include houses, offices, apartments, commercial properties and hotels.

Each of our projects has a seal of distinction: it is crucial for us to give added value to each of them, to give them a distinct identity and differentiation from what the market is offering today - whether this be in its location or in the business as such. As for the architecture, we have privileged fine terminations and ample space in each of our projects, to provide always a product of excellence at a very high standard.

To create innovative, excellent products able to be adapted to the needs of each of our clients and investors.
To continue with the development of innovative investment projects. To mark a tendency in the current market and not be led by it, always taking on limited risks.